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Boudica is my favourite historical figure & I do a lot of paintings and drawings of her; how I imagine she would have been - mannerisms, facial expression etc. Your wax work figure of her is absolutely incredible - so much pride in the way she stands. Not a clue where this is going exactly, but I suppose the bottom line is that it's just so fantastic it's mindblowing!

Hi there, I’m so sorry, I’ve only just seen this! I don’t know why my inbox didn’t pick this up.
Thank you so much for this, it’s comments like this that makes all of that effort worth it! This really made my day! 


Sep 9
10:00 pm
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Assembling Boudica

Today, I finally brought all of my components together and set Boudica up in the studio. This was a very enjoyable yet nerve-wracking process, as it was great to see everything working together but terrifying in case something went wrong!

Once I had assembled everything, I spent a few hours doing any finishing touches- I spent quite a long time curling and knotting hair to give that all important windswept look!

By the time I had finished, I felt exhausted, but very happy. It really is an incredible feeling to see something that you have worked on flat out for a year come together, and I feel very proud of myself. 

Jun 2
7:52 pm
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The CloakThe cloak is made from very rough felt, and is a simple rectangular construction that can be draped backwards or forwards across the shoulders. I have used the rabbit fur that I bought from eBay to bulk up the shoulders and to give a regal, impressive effect to the costume.

The Cloak

The cloak is made from very rough felt, and is a simple rectangular construction that can be draped backwards or forwards across the shoulders. I have used the rabbit fur that I bought from eBay to bulk up the shoulders and to give a regal, impressive effect to the costume.

Jun 1
9:14 am
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Painting the hands…

Today I painted the hands. I feel that because of the practise I gained with painting the head, I managed to complete the hands a lot more quickly.

I ensured to build up a mix of colours, including blues, pinks, reds, and greens, to get the colouring as realistic as possible. I then built up shades of brown around the fingers and embedded lots into the nail beds to give the illusion of mud and dirt.

I have really started to enjoy the process a lot more, and painting has become probably one of my favourite stages of the making. With the painting, so much changes so quickly, and it is really nice to see a fast changing difference in my work. 

May 31
4:13 pm

Degree Show Build

Along with all the work I have been doing in order to finish Boudica on time, I have also been contributing to the Tech Arts degree show build. Here are some photos of the building process…

We have had to build flats, strike our studio, and clear out all of our possessions in order for there to be the space for all of our degree pieces. 

May 30
12:42 pm

Completing the Paint Finishing

Today I completed the paint finishing, and I am very happy with the outcome. Bearing in mind that I needed to keep the colours quite dark because they would be washed out when under lights, I slowly built a multitude of colour up, by using my photos of Theodora as reference.

This has definitely come out better than expected! 

May 29
11:37 pm

References for hands…

Today I took some photos of Theodora’s hands to reference colour against for when I begin painting.

Because Boudica’s hands would be grubby, I need to bring in a lot more browns too, building up dirt so it looks realistic. 

May 28
11:17 am
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Starting the Paint Finish

I have been very nervous about the painting- simply because it is an area that I have not felt hugely confident in the past.

I knew that I wanted a slightly translucent feel to the skin, to give it depth. In order to do this I knew that I would have to slowly and carefully build up colour using extremely thinned down oil paints.

In order to help me achieve thin layers, my friend Tim kindly lent me his airbrush, and I have been using this to give me the base coats for colouring. The size and power of the airbrush means that I cannot really use it for finer detail.

May 28
3:02 am

The Eyebrows

One of the parts of the finishing that I have been most worried about is the eyebrows, and this is because I know that there is no room for error.

I hair punched the eyebrows very slowly, one hair at a time, patting down the wax after each hair was punched in order to prevent the wax raising and separating.

Overall I am very happy with the outcome of the eyebrows! Once I had finished hair punching, I trimmed them down in a rough manner, trying to remember that Boudica would not have had tweezers and grooming tools! 

May 26
2:59 pm

Completing the hair punching…

Today, I completed the hair punching of the hair line around the head. I can find it very easy to say that this was one of my least favourite jobs, just because of how mind numbing it can be! 

However, I am very happy with the finished result and am now going to move onto the eyebrows…

May 25
1:19 am

Building Boudica

My name is Siobhan O'Dwyer, and I am a third year BA (Hons) Technical Arts and Special Effects student at Wimbledon College of Art.

This blog documents my journey towards creating a lifesize realistic waxwork of Boudica, Queen of the Iceni Tribe in the early first century AD.

Here you will find both my research processes and practical processes throughout the year, as well as numerous gallery and museum visits, as well as some conceptual art and general thoughts.

If you have any enquiries or questions regarding my work, feel free to email me. Happy reading!