Painting the hands…

Today I painted the hands. I feel that because of the practise I gained with painting the head, I managed to complete the hands a lot more quickly.

I ensured to build up a mix of colours, including blues, pinks, reds, and greens, to get the colouring as realistic as possible. I then built up shades of brown around the fingers and embedded lots into the nail beds to give the illusion of mud and dirt.

I have really started to enjoy the process a lot more, and painting has become probably one of my favourite stages of the making. With the painting, so much changes so quickly, and it is really nice to see a fast changing difference in my work. 

Building Boudica

My name is Siobhan O'Dwyer, and I am a third year BA (Hons) Technical Arts and Special Effects student at Wimbledon College of Art.

This blog documents my journey towards creating a lifesize realistic waxwork of Boudica, Queen of the Iceni Tribe in the early first century AD.

Here you will find both my research processes and practical processes throughout the year, as well as numerous gallery and museum visits, as well as some conceptual art and general thoughts.

If you have any enquiries or questions regarding my work, feel free to email me. Happy reading!